Monty’s Chocolates ~ Paddington

3 Apr

Look at me Mum! I’m Blogging!  So for my first trick, I will attempt to pull a half decent post out of my hat.

I made my way over to Latrobe Terrace on the weekend for Mum’s birthday with the fams. I love Latrobe Terrace. Homewares and Fashion Boutiques as far as the eye can see.

This visit was primarily for birthday cheer, but also to sample one of the famously decadent chocolate tasting plates at Monty’s Chocolates. Using our pre-purchased Scoopon deals for the day, we were happily welcomed (which I believe can be a struggle for some businesses that honour daily deal vouchers). 

The tasting plate definitely lived up to my expectations. The platter for two (or one or three – depending on how much chocolate you can handle) includes a range of handmade truffles and chocolates from across the globe and an amazingly delicious Swiss hot chocolate. Seriously, just thinking about it now is making me crave. My favourite chocolate of the sampler would have to be the Liquid Salted Caramels. I know right?! It was definitely as good as it sounds.

The coffee was well made (good cremor, perfect milk).  The service was friendly and attentive without being too imposing. Our waitress gave us a run down of the chocolates provided (additionally, an informative menu accompanied the platter). She even let us know which ones were suitable for our 3yr old Mr Moo.

The inside of Monty’s houses a wonderful range of handmade chocolates, including many Easter inspired pieces. The interior is small in size, but not in inspiration. Monty’s Chocolates is a must for Brisbane Chocoholics.

Food: 4.5        Drink: 4        Service: 4.5        Ambience: 3.5

Monty’s Chocolates

155 Latrobe Terrace
Paddington, Qld 4064

07 33693135

Mon/Fri 10am-5pm
Sat        10am-4pm
Sun       11am-4pm

Monty's Chocolates on Urbanspoon


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