How to ~ Lemongrass

6 Jun

Lemongrass is one of my favourite Asian herbs. It has a unique citrus flavour and scent and can be bought in almost all supermarkets, Asian grocers, and farmers markets across Brisbane.

Lemongrass is used widely in Asian cuisine (and some teas). It can be acquired dried, powdered, but my personal choice is fresh.


To prepare finely chopped lemongrass with ease, follow these steps (you will need a heavy pestle from a mortar & pestle):










Peel the outer layer of your lemongrass to reveal the white stem.










Using your pestle, pound the end of the lemongrass until it is flattened and shredded from the tip.










Grab your knife and begin to finely slice from the root end.

And there you have it, finely chopped lemongrass every time with ease.


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